BKI Board of Directors Tom and Bonnie Watson

Tom Watson is the founder of BKI. He and his wife Bonnie have been married 54 years. They have two grown children and ten grandchildren and four great-grandchildren with a fifth on the way. Tom grew up in Kansas and came to know Christ in his early twenties. He has a BA degree from Ottawa University and a Master in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Their son John Watson (Karin), and their son-in-law, Scott Christensen (Jennifer), are both in pastoral ministry in Texas.


Board of Directors

Tom Watson


Bob Campanella


Bob Hudnall


George Mountcastle

Bob Campanella
Howard Eliason
Ted Harbour
Dave Holmblad
Mike Huseby
Bob Hudnall
George Mountcastle
Tomm Patterson
Neil Snodgrass
Tom Watson

Board of Reference

Ritch Boerckel
Pastor of
Bethany Baptist Church
Peoria, Illinois

Gus Matero
Missionary to Russia
Child Evangelism Fellowship
Ft. Worth, Texas

Anatoly Kidiekov
Pastor of Baptist Union
Kyzyl, Tuva
Jim Rickard
President of The Stewardship Services Foundation
Santa Clarita, California

Jerry Yonnie (Navajo)
Navajo Indian Reservation
Arizona/New Mexico