2023 Opportunities

July 2-4 Navajo Nation Rodeo - Window Rock, Arizona. Our mission team will include the youth group from Cornerstone Bible Church, Roanoke, Texas.

September 2-10 Navajo Nation Fair - Window Rock, Arizona. This is the largest Indian fair in the U.S.

October 11-14 Northern Navajo Fair - Shiprock, New Mexico.

Because fairs were canceled due to COVID, we have not been to a Navajo Fair since 2019. At these fairs, we share the gospel and give away tracts and bibles. If you are interested in participating in one of these events, contact us at www.bendedknee.org.

Opportunities for Evangelism

We will share the Gospel, give away tracts and Bibles in all of these ministries. If you would like to participate you may contact BKI using the form on this page. You must provide your own transportation and housing and be in agreement with the BKI Doctrinal Statement. For further information you may contact Pastor Tom Watson.