This ministry is primarily to the Native American people on the Reservations of the Southwestern United States. On the Navajo Reservation, unemployment and alcoholism are both over 50% and many are still without electricity or running water. Numbering more than 300,000, nearly half of the Navajo people are age 21 or under. Most of these still cling to their traditional Navajo religion, which is rooted in medicine men, or singers, who commune with the spirit world to bring individuals back to harmony with the creation. However, there are new and growing religions making great inroads to the reservation. Among them is the “Native American Church”, an Indian-only sect that worships with the use of the drug, peyote, and the even newer movement of incorporating Native traditional practices into church services.

On the reservation, we have shared the gospel, given bibles and study materials to hundreds and discipled and encouraged pastors and church leaders through leadership conferences. Presently, we provide tracts to local churches to encourage them to evangelize among their own people. We minister in churches in Arizona and New Mexico.

Each year we have evangelism booths at Native American fairs such as the Navajo Nation Fair (Windowrock, AZ), Western Navajo Fair (Shiprock, NM), Western Navajo Fair (Tuba City, AZ) in the Apache White River Fair (White River, AZ).

Window Rock Arizona

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